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Why I Will NOT Boycott Travel to Myanmar & What You Can Do to Help

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Myanmar has been making headlines across news platforms and social media for its military’s persecution of the Muslim Rohingya ethnic minority, which United Nations experts now call “textbook ethnic cleansing.” Because of this humanitarian crisis and the government’s public denial of its gravity, many ethically-mindful travelers have called for a boycott of Myanmar travel. These travelers and activists argue that a travel boycott to the country could help stem financial support to its government and military, therefore mitigating the crisis and sending to Myanmar and the world a message of solidarity with the Rohingya people.

While their intentions seem good-willed and altruistic, their recommended response to these issues is wrong and detrimental to the people of Myanmar. As a staunch opponent of embargos and sanctions as means of improving a country’s political structure (see my thoughts on the Cuban embargo), with passionate conviction I wholeheartedly refuse and say NO to a Myanmar travel boycott. Here’s why.

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