How to Legally Travel to Cuba in 5 Easy Steps (After Trump Changes)


The Trump Administration’s amendments to Cuban Assets Control and Regulation (CACR) have caused a ripple effect of doubt and misconceptions regarding travel to Cuba. In the midst of the hyperbole regarding the latest changes, many travelers have decided to cancel their flights or travel plans to Cuba. However, the changes enacted on November 8, 2017, were relatively minimal. In fact, the most significant changes can easily be regarded as bipartisan: supporting Cuban entrepreneurs by giving them your business, engaging in cultural exchange, and avoiding certain entities involved with or owned by the military. Most importantly, it is essential to understand that these changes do not equate to a travel ban to Cuba, rather the requirements for your purpose of travel (depending on your selected purpose) may have simply been tweaked. Therefore, many travelers, including Americans, can still travel to Cuba both legally and on their own.

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